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Getting started
Demon Hunter Begins
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Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013


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This is still quite early version. The update coming soon (after the Christmas).
(2013/12/08 19:07)

Background story

                The quest tells a story of Anthony, the player character. Whole family of Anthony was murdered in one night by unknown perpetrator. Our hero swore vengeance, and began to search for the killer - but it didn’t give any results. The only information the player gets is fact there was a similar incident in a different town.  Whole family of a woman called Stephaney was killed in a single night - just like the Antony's family. Our hero decided to find Stephanie hopeful to reveal some information about the killer.

Gameplay  story

                The quest begins from the moment when our hero arrives by boat near the gate of the town where Stephanie lives. Soon he finds out that the meeting with Stephanie won't be easy - the town is sealed off and local forest is haunted and people are dying there for no reason. He learns that Stephanie is hiding somewhere in the forest, but he gets to search her, until he finds a way to move around in the forest without being killed. After gaining the medallion that makes the forest safer he meets Stephanie. Stephanie unveils the painful truth to Anthony - he killed his family while being  possessed by a demon. To complete his revenge, and hunt down the demon responsible for his tragedy he needs to become the demon hunter.

(2013/12/08 19:07)
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Version: 1.0
Version online
Sometimes the mod doesn't show on the mod list in Launcher -> Mods in 3.4. Updating the game to 3.4.1 might help. Find 3.4.1 HERE.