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Getting started
Before you start

REDkit requires a copy of PC version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, installed on your HDD. The game has to be patched up to version 3.3. Make sure you have downloaded SQLite appropriate for your system or download this one. Right click on the file and run it as an administrator.

Steam copies of the game will be automatically patched to REDkit (Gamers' Edition). Gamers' Edition allows you to play mods created in REDkit, however, it does not include the editor. Do not install the REDkit patches downloaded from this website on your Steam copy of the game.

It is recommended that you have the latest version of graphics drivers installed.

If you're using Windows Vista or 7, you should try disabling UAC. To do it follow these instructions.

Installing the latest updates for your operating system is always a good idea and can also resolve some of your issues. Same thing goes for shutting down or disabling any non-crucial applications running in the background, especially anti-virus software, as they might interfere with your games. Try it and see if it helps.

PC System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad Core Intel or AMD
  • RAM: 3 GB Windows XP, 4 GB Windows Vista/7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 260 1 GB or HD 4850 1 GB
  • Hard Drive:
    TW2 updated to 3.4 Gamers' Edition - 23 GB
    TW2 updated to 3.4 Modder's Edition - 39 GB
    Enough space in My Documents to store the downloaded mods

Buy The Witcher 2

Download The Witcher 2 patch 3.3

Download latest patch

Don’t feel like creating a mod? If you would like to play others’ creations, please, make sure your Witcher 2 is updated to Patch 3.3. When it's done follow these steps:

1. Download the latest patch 3.4 and install it.

2. Create folder called “UserContent” in your Witcher 2 folder in Documents, e.g. *DocumentsWitcher 2UserContent - this is where you will put the downloaded mods. Make sure you have enough space on the partition with My Documents to store mods there.

3. After the mod is downloaded, unzipped and copied into UserContent folder, run userContentManager.exe which can be found in the Witcher2/bin folder. There make sure you have checked the box next to the mod that you would like to launch.

4. You have two options:
4.1 Save and Run - this will save your mod choices and boot the game.
4.2. Save and Exit - this will save your mod choices and exit the User Content Manager.

5. Once you’ve chosen the mod and run the Witcher 2, go to New Game/User Content and select the mod you’d like to play.

Download REDkit for
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
(Gamers' Edition)

Download patch 3.4

User Content Manager Update (Patch 3.4.1)

This patch adds an option to User Content Manager where you can choose the location where you want to keep the mods for The Witcher 2.

Patch (Gamers & Modders Edition)

Download Patch 3.4.1

Are you a creative type? Let your imagination go wild as you create new Witcher 2 content with REDkit. When it's ready, just upload it!

1. Make sure The Witcher 2 is updated to patch 3.3.

2. Download all five files on the right side. If your browser warns you against downloading the installation files ignore the warnings. The REDkit installation files downloaded from this website are completely safe.

3. Run TW2EE_REDkit.exe and go through the installation. Remember, install it in The Witcher 2 installation folder, as prompted.

4. At the end of installation, leave the box checked and run REDkit with strings and voiceovers export. It needs to be done before the REDkit is first booted and it may take up to 10 minutes.

Download REDkit for
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
(Modders' Edition)

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download part 3

Download part 4

Download part 5

Mesh Importer (3ds Max 2009 & 2013)

If you plan to create some meshes, we have prepared Mesh Importer that supports 3ds Max 2009 (32bit and 64bit) and 3ds Max 2013 (64bit). With REDkit installed, there are a few files (in your Witcher 2 catalogue) that should be copied into particular folders:

1. Please copy to your 3ds Max folder, e.g.

-> ...ds Max VERSIONScriptsStartup

2. Please copy appropriate version of max_re_exporter.dlx to your 3ds Max folder, e.g.

-> ...ds Max VERSIONpluginsmax_re_exporter.dlx

In 3ds Max, after you create the mesh, go here.

Installing REDkit (Modders' Edition) downloaded from this website on a Steam copy of the game will break the game's compatibility with Steam (which means no overlay, no Steam cloud, no achievements). It is recommended to either wait for the Steam release of REDkit (Modders' Edition) or to install the free backup copy of the game and install the REDkit on it:

Known issues!

We are in the open beta phase, meaning that there are still some known issues that we are currently working on. Two biggest ones are:

Cooking – currently, cooking changes to original Witcher 2 story create rather sizable files. We are aware of this issue and are working on it to change cooking process so the files will be smaller.

Lipsync – right now there’s no possibility to create lipsync for written dialogues. However, we’re working on a patch that should resolve this issue pretty soon.

They will be addressed as soon as possible so please keep calm and keep modding. Don’t forget to check the Mod of the Month section as well – this one is pretty self-explanatory.:)

Problems with detecting a mod

If you have special characters in your Windows user name, User Content Manager may be unable to detect the mods that you have copied to your Witcher2/UserContent folder. Here`s an easy workaround for you. Follow those steps:

1. Find Config folder, which should be in your Documents/Witcher 2/Config

2. Open UserContent.ini

3. Edit the content so it has these lines:



4. Even though User Content Manager won`t detect the Mod, it will be available once you boot the game.

We are working on a proper solution to this problem.