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Lykaon (alpha version)
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May 8, 2013
May 8, 2013


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The demo you can download right now is only an alpha version of the adventure. A lot of content is missing, there are still some bugs and the frame rate is not optimized (it will most likely only run well on high-end PCs).

What you can expect from the full version:

1. A complete main quest with difficult decisions that shape the town and the people living in it. There will be two completely different epilogues with a lot of additional gameplay. 

Right now you can play approximately 1/3 of the main quest, but keep in mind that neither dialogue nor presentation are finished.

2. A better presentation. There will be an intro that introduces you to the story.

There will (hopefully) be a lot more cutscenes if we will get the tools to create them.

When you play the main quest, you will hear about the story of the mad dwarven king. Right now it is only “ingame dialogue” with different cameras, but you can expect much more:

3. You will get a lot more sidequests. You may see some parts of them already in the demo (like the scaffold on the roofs of Lykaon). I don’t want to give everything away, but you will get to…

- play Dandelion

- buy a shop, furnish it and earn some money on the side (it’s Dandelions idea, of course)

- be part of a trial

- be a detective and investigate beastly murders

and much more!

4. Polished dialogue and full voice acting. Most of the dialogue you will encounter is still a placeholder. I am also searching right  now for voice talents. For further info, visit “Voice Acting” on this page. Of course you will also be able to talk to every npc in the adventure and they will have a lot of different and interesting things to say.

And of course they will also have a detailed daily routine. They will sleep, work, talk, laugh and live their lifes while you explore the world.

5. Music! You are already able to download the soundtrack of Lykaon (music from The Witcher 1 and 2), but of course in the full version, music is implemented into the mod.

6. You will also be able to visit a lot more places. First of all houses will get an interior. You can go to the ancient dwarven city Koloham, the hidden valley and the swamp, the biggest free-to-roam area in the adventure.

The swamp and Koloham:

(2013/05/09 16:04)

Lykaon will be an adventure with several hours of gameplay and dialogue for The Witcher 2. It is made using Redkit, the official mod tool for the game.
You will be able to explore large landscapes, fight countless enemies and experience a story which will be shaped by the decisions you make.

Lykaon is not finished yet. Presentation and Dialogue are far from finished, there will be a lot more quests, there is no voice acting yet, and of course you will encounter some bugs or other unfinished areas. The adventure also needs to be optimized to run properly, since right now it can only be enjoyed with High End PCs.


Yennefer of Vengerberg, a lovely sorceress who Geralt fell in love with after they both had to face a mighty djinn, introduced the Witcher to Triss Merigold, who herself seemed to care a little bit too much about Geralt.

A few months after these events, Geralt receives a letter from Triss Merigold, who seeks his help. Since he and his dear friend Dandelion's coin purses are empty right now and they don't know what else to do, they follow the instructions and travel to the town "Lykaon" in Temeria. Dandelion, who is right in the middle of writing new heroic ballads about the Witcher, is especially happy to travel to Lykaon, a town renowned for its wealth as it lies at the shores of the river Trava, which flows into the Jaruga and is an important trading route.
(2013/05/09 16:04)
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