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Getting started

Create RPG adventures and do it
CD Projekt RED style!

 Getting Started

The REDkit is the best way to craft big
& living worlds – shape environments using intuitive tools and
adapt them to your needs!

+ =

New adventures created by our community are just few clicks away. Witness the creativity of fellow RPG fans and enhance your Witcher 2 experience with new, user-created content.

+ =

If you are an avid fan of RPGs you will definitely love the REDkit, since your imagination is the only limit when creating non-linear adventures set in a dark fantasy world of The Witcher.

REDkit lets you:
  • Create big, living worlds
  • Give birth to entire communities
  • Bring believable characters to life
  • Plant realistic forests in just a few clicks
  • Easily import new objects to use in your adventure
  • Effortlessly share your creations with the community.
REDkit includes:
  • Advanced but still user-friendly terrain tools
  • A realistic day and night cycle
  • Astonishing graphics
  • SpeedTree foliage system
  • Full integration between the script language and the game editor
Patch 3.4.1 is out!
2013-08-01 11:45:15 by Paweł Panasiuk
We have just released a small patch for The Witcher 2. This patch adds an option to User Content Manager where you can choose the location where you want to keep the mods for The Witcher 2. 
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How do you use it?


Posted by: Michel889
How do you use it?

After downloading and installing . When you click the launcher and click the mods tab this window will open .

Now click the path button and you should be able to select the location for where you want your mods stored instead of Documents>Witcher 2>UserContent only .


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FCR Mod for The Witcher 2 gets updated to version 1.1!
2013-07-15 16:07:52 by Marcin Momot
As many of you remember, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, Gameplay Designer at CD Projekt RED (formerly known among the modding community as Flash) released his Full Combat Rebalance Mod for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings last month. Today he’s bringing us the newest update, which addresses various bugs, fixes some visual effects and adds balance changes [...]
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Posted by: Tommy
The only essential one is the 3.4 patch (Gamer`s Edition) . Just make sure your game is updated to the 33. before applying the 3.4

thank you. I've done as you said but, when i open UserContentManager.exe it doesn't find the mod :/. (I did as into the description)


When I go to download the full mod, it takes me to the latest version (1.1). Then when I try to install it, the notes say this is not the full mod, only a hotfix. Where can I get the full mod?


Posted by: ryckgrunt
thank you. I've done as you said but, when i open UserContentManager.exe it doesn't find the mod :/. (I did as into the description)

If you`re trying to install the latest FCR2 mod then you need to have 1.1 installed first . Follow the link to the FCR2 mod then click the downloads tab on the left . Then select 1.1 after installation then download and install FCR2 1.1a


Thankyou <3

I love Witcher 2 and FCR


Even after uninstalling, Training Tree skills have wrong names.

Is there a way to fix this?

My training skill first 3 skills are Strength (0/2) Dexterity(0/2) and that other one. The 0/2 seems to imply that FCR2 isn't acting, but the names should be different and I can't really check their effects.

This persists on loaded games and even new games.
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Full Combat Rebalance Mod for The Witcher 2 is out!
2013-06-20 17:57:25 by Paweł Panasiuk
If the latest excitement about The Witcher 3 has you itching to go back and play through The Witcher 2 all over again, we have some great news for you. Andrzej Kwiatkowski, Gameplay Designer at CD Projekt RED (formerly known among the modding community as Flash) has just released his newest creation – Full Combat [...]
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Posted by: drizzt
Hi everyone

Bugs expierienced:
- abilities magical vigor and footwark don`t give any benefits.
- still I can`t craft a unique weapons (on the Dark level).

- fist fighting is way too easy. Most of the opponents falls very quickly even on the "ring fights".
- magic skills are really too much packed, for example fighting with nekkers with using igni in Capter 1 looks more like a massacre than a demanding fight. Vigor is regenerating too fast. Anyone who is looking for a challenge shouldn`t spent talents on magic skills.

Game is updated to v1.1a

Nekkers should be easily dispatched with Igni, that's fine. I first thought too that Igni was too powerful but then progressing in the acts I actually changed my mind. The mod is very well structured: for example humans with shields or heavy armor (or creatures with similar characteristics, as endregas, golems or gargoyles) are very resistent to Igni effects, so the game balances very well as you go on.

Both the magic and alchemy path are very powerful but later some encounters are still challenging in dark mode (but maybe until after a point, late act II, the progression is somewhat easy, yes, given the kind of creatures). What instead I find lackluster is swordmanship in comparison.

As for the bugs, casting signs is still irresponsive when mixed with sword attacks. Many times Geralts simply blocks after an attack and the input to cast is not recognized. Same happens after a parry. It's really a shame because apart this issue the mod is much more fluid than vanilla for what it concerns combat.


Any more bug fixing on schedule?


Posted by: darji8
Ok after downloading and installing/activating the mod (areas) I get the compiling scripts error again. If I deactivate the mod it works,... Any advice how to fix it?

Same here.

Applocale setting to polski did not fix it.
Only disabling the mod let game start; but obviously not as fun...


guys, thare's samething that i don't understand:

I have installed this awsome mod and I activated it with the usercontentmanager but i have a problem with bomb and potion recipe.
No vendor sell its so this should be normal: "Geralt no longer buys witcher specific recipes from random merchants"
And so, this mean that ther's an ability for remember potions and bombs? But where? In my ability tree there's no one ability for "remember" So i can't do any potions or bombs so i can't play the game..... sameone can help me, please?


Hi villa, it's the second ability in the alchemy tree (third if you count the freebies), herbalism IIRC, the one you have to chose if you want to advance in the tree. Once you spend a talent there, you get a bunch of scrolls with all the potions and bombs.
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REDkit Tutorials
2013-05-23 17:22:29 by Paweł Panasiuk
Since the very beginning of REDkit Open Beta, we have been hard at work to bring you more insight on how to improve your REDkit experience and make your work with the editor easier. Today, we would like to present you with a few of the REDkit tutorials, prepared by some of the most prominent [...]
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@Chance: I downloaded the Video's with that program Free YouTube Download. Here is the Link where u can download it: Maybe it will work with this software


Posted by: Havoc
@Chance: I downloaded the Video's with that program Free YouTube Download. Here is the Link where u can download it: Maybe it will work with this software

I'd look at JDownloader too.


Thanks Havoc and Adridu59 for your suggestions! Neither one pulled the captions unfortunately, but I was able to find a program through a few searches that will save youtube CC, Google2SRT.


Do you know if the REDkit will be available on mac (and the mods too) ?


Currently we're not planning to make REDkit available on Mac.
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(Polski) REDkit na – część druga
2013-05-20 17:28:54 by Marcin Momot
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REDkit Closed Beta Winner Interview
2013-05-16 16:31:51 by Marcin Momot
Want to know more about the winner of the REDkit closed beta? Head over to, where you will find an exclusive interview with Benzenzimmern (the author of the winning entry), talking about his work with the REDkit, favorite games and more. He also got to show off his main prize – the witcher sword. 
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Once again, congrats Philip! great work, can't wait to play your mod, finish it soon
And also Poets of the Fall is one of my most favourite bands too, for almost a decade! I'm also involved with the Indian street team here

Well you and your gal make a great team (I so envy you, that sword!) Godspeed for your future endeavors!
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Full Combat Rebalance 2
2013-05-15 16:56:08 by Paweł Panasiuk
One of the most prominent modders of the first Witcher, Andrzej Kwiatkowski (modding scene nickname – Flash), who’s currently working with us as a Gameplay Designer, is finishing his own mod that tweaks the combat and alters some parts of gameplay of The Witcher 2. Here are just a few features that his upcoming mod will [...]
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Hi all.
In FCR 2 v1.2 the Ysgith rune has 200% insta-kill property (lol). I've made a very basic fix for this issue. Just extract the following archive into the Witcher 2 installation directory preserving the folder structure (you should have smth like this as a result: "C:\Witcher2\CookedPC\items\def_stats_item_runes.xml").

You obviously shouldn't install this if you have other rune-modifying mod on top of your FCR2.


will anyone release this mod without any other changes than combat improvements?i mean without skill tree changes and removing items and this things?i mean flash or someone else with source files cause i really like this mode but not some changes.thanks flash.Oh looks like in the mod installer flash already said he cant.


Is it possible to restore monster experience and dark items effects (life stealing) by changing something in the mod files? Thanks


Having some trouble with the long fight sequence after the Amphitheatre.

Basically I'm "winning" the fight after three 'sequences' by reducing my opponent's health to zero, which renders me incapable of 'surviving' the remaining sequences by landing sufficient damage (sword blows pass through without being recognised), and I can't get out of range without before dying.

Sword: Confession, with Weapon handling, gaps in armour, adrenaline 99+, Vran armour, Harpy trophy. Potions: Swallow, Tawny Owl, Gadwall, Wolverine, no debuffs.

I guess I could swap out for a less good sword (or the Caerne steel one), and Wolverine/Harpy, but this seems at odds with the "plan". Does anyone else find this fight over before it starts?

I have managed to not win too early a few times, but trying to see the alternative ending (Roche/Triss/Henselt alive) is causing me some hassle, even when earlier attempts were more straightforward.


Thanks for your reply. The trap diagrams simply were not there, with any seller-- the default sellers were who I had tried first (should have mentioned that) Must have been some sort of glitch, though since it is mentioned a few times on the boards it may not have been a unique one. I ended up just skipping the harpy quest.
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(Polski) Zobacz REDkit w akcji na!
2013-05-14 17:12:38 by Marcin Momot
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Announcing the winner of the REDkit closed beta!
2013-05-08 21:12:52 by Marcin Momot
REDkit Closed Beta has come to an end. First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your participation, continuous help, extremely valuable feedback and indulgence. The closed phase ended with us picking the best mod, and it turned out to be exceptional! Benzenzimmern (the modder) keeps saying that his mod is still not [...]
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Congrats my friend, I've just registered and tried the mod and it looks very promising and the dialogs seems funny.

PD: That sword looks great.


Congratulations, Benzenzimmern! I hope you'll have tons of fun modding TW2.


Well done mate! That sword looks beautiful.


Congratulations! It looks gorgeous from the screenshots, can't wait to play the actual mod

(And those swords - ooh, shiny...!)


Congratz and well deserved mate!
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REDkit: How to?
2013-05-08 20:22:27 by Marcin Momot
Whether you are a long-time modder or just recently got into the scene, we figured that you’d appreciate an introduction and a quick tour around the REDkit website and forums. First things first: the REDkit editor can be accessed from the “Getting Started” section – it requires a copy of PC version of The Witcher [...]
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