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Kinship of the Wolves
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Feb 6, 2015
Feb 6, 2015


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Important note: We realized that KotW messes a bit with original W2 maps/minimaps. To avoid conflicts simply unmount the mod in the Witcher 2 launcher ("Mods" section) when playing original W2 campaign.
(2015/02/17 12:12)
"Not everyone knows that during his journey from Vergen to Loc Muinne witcher Geralt visited the village of Trumka, where by a mere coincidence he met his brother-in-arms, Lambert. Two monster hunters were not given a chance to enjoy vodka, nourishment and stories from the trail in peace, however. Because harrased by the attacks of a mysterious beast settlement was hiding a secret that before long put to the test their kinship."

"Kinship of the Wolves" is an adventure mod for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

*Rafał "Horn" Jankowski - story, quest design
*Damian "Aciek" Dąbrowski - environments, level design
*Krzysztof "Enzinho" Enz - QA, sound design, custom assets
(2015/02/07 00:12)
How to install "Kinship of the Wolves" adventure:

1. Make sure that your Witcher 2 game is updated to the newest version (3.4.1);
2. Unpack the mod files to: "/Documents/Witcher2/UserContent" directory;
3. Open "UserContent/KotW/strings" folder and copy the file that matches the language of SUBTITLES of your Witcher 2 game;

(e.g. If your game's subtitles are in french, copy "fr_user.w2strings" file. If you're not sure what file to copy, choose
"en_user.w2strings" file and make sure that your subtitles language is set to english)

*Mod is in english only, but this ".w2strings" files pretend to be in your chosen language*

4. Paste the copied file to "/Program files/Witcher2/CookedPC" directory;
5. "Kinship of the Wolves" adventure should be now available in the "Mods" section of the Witcher 2 launcher. Tick it and click "Save and run";
6. To play the adventure choose New game -> User Content -> Kinship of the Wolves;
(2015/02/07 00:12)
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Version: 1.01
Version online
1.01 version of "Kinship of the Wolves" adventure mod. English only. Check readme file inside the package for step-by-step installation instructions.